“Jagdish is an alum of the Stanford-India Biodesign Program. He has impressive talent as an inventor, understands the needs identification process thoroughly, and has excellent work ethic and leadership skills.” 

Dr. Paul Yock, Martha Meier Weiland Professor of Medicine Director, Stanford Biodesign Program.


“I have known Dr Jagdish since I selected him to a post graduate programme in Otolaryngology at the St John’s Medical College in Bangalore , South India in a very competitive interview. I was at that time the Head of Department in that Teaching medical college.. and would be fair to say I mentored him (his shortcomings therefore would be reflections of mine). He was an outstanding example of what a resident should be.. difficult to find these days. He was quick on the uptake, tech savvy.. demonstrated an aptitude for research and a safe pair of hands. He could be trusted to complete tasks. without undue risks. His interests in research, his ability to innovate.. and his acceptability to all levels of the work force.. make him an ideal candidate in any programme.”

Professor Ravi C Nayar, Consultant Otolaryngologist, Dean – Centre for Academic Research, Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. Former Head of Department, St. John’s Medical College and Hospital.

“Jagdish is a creative, enthusiastic and hard-working innovator who also happens to be a clinician of excellence. He spent six months at Stanford in the Biodesign program, of which I am a part, and during that time quickly showed himself to be one of the most resourceful and tenacious Biodesign Fellows I have had the joy to work with.”

Christine Kurihara, Sr. Associate Director, Global & Communication at Stanford University


“Dr. Jagdish is highly organized and meticulous. His knowledge and experience in his field is exemplary and exudes confidence. His keen interest to always learn and progress is highly admirable. He is a true entrepreneur and is always a pleasure to work with.”

Justina Kayastha, Global Biodesign Program Coordinator at Stanford University


“Jagdish trained at St. John’s between February 2009 and February 2012 and being an integral part of the training faculty I found him to be extremely skilled as a training resident. He has an excellent clinical acumen and ability to manage efficiently common ENT emergencies & out patient clinics. He has consistently expressed interest in endoscopic sinus surgeries and has the required skills for performing endoscopic nasal and Paranasal sinus surgeries.

I have also found him to be inquisitive and academically curious with added inclination towards teaching & research. This has helped him get a peer reviewed international publications to his credit. While he worked closely with me for one publication, he demonstrated his capabilities to conceptualise clinical studies and write them effectively. He has also received training in basic research methodology by attending a structured course which was organised by Research Methodology Training center at St John’s in 2011.

He is a powerful communicator and has excellent presentation skills when it comes to teaching peers and juniors. Jagdish has also expressed his innovative qualities by developing low cost ENT devices such as an endoscopic recording device which is very useful for under served hospitals in the Indian healthcare system.”

Dr. Ramesh A, Associate Professor, Department of ENT, St. John’s Medical College and Hospital

“Jagdish was employed with us at ADEPT ENT, New Delhi in the capacity of a Junior Consultant in our associated hospitals (Fortis, Bensups) from April to September 2013. He impressed us greatly with his dedication and honesty along with his aptitude to grasp the complexities of somewhat challenging concepts. He has been blessed with an ‘innovative’ streak which I believe would be a wonderful asset to a University/ research oriented department. In the short period with us, he managed a good deal of our outpatient clinics, most of the emergencies and still managed to be in the theatre in time. He evinced a keen interest in Endoscopic Sinus Work (having developed a home digital camera based endoscopic recorder) and we found him to be quite dexterous with the Endoscope. He participated in numerous Sinus procedures (Including for AFS and Pituitary Adenomas) and his understanding of the concepts of the technical aspects and basic principles of treatment was quite good.

Jagdish Chaturvedi is an extremely bright, multifaceted and hard working person with a healthy sense of humour.”

Dr. Yogesh Jain, Director and Consultant Otologist & Skull base Surgeon, Adept ENT

“Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi designed and executed our training program for the Stanford India Biodesign internship earlier this year. During the 3 month period of the internship we received mentorship and teaching that was both entertaining and meaningful. He is an excellent communicator and has the ability to draw focused attention from large audiences during his sessions. His ability to multitask and be organized, punctual and professional is very inspiring. He is extremely efficient in managing teams and possesses supernatural skills when it comes to understanding team/people dynamics and handling team issues. I strongly recommend him as a teacher, mentor and a real entrepreneur for all his future endeavors.”

Agyeya Dwivedi, Clinical Research Associate at Observe Design


“Dr. Jagdish chaturvedi has demonstrated his keen intellect evident by his ability to not just multitask but also attain perfection in every task he performs. He also got along well with his peers and was a great mentor. It was a pleasure working with him”

Jovis Johny, Masters in medical science and technology at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur


“An outstanding Inventor, Doctor and Mentor- Dr Jagdish is a great fellow from Stanford Biodesign program. During the 3 months of my internship program, he played a crucial role of trainer as well as faculty mentor for our Internship group and design projects. He has a vast knowledge of all aspect of medical device innovation that helped all of us during disease state analysis and concept generation. During our daily interactions, not only did he provide goal-oriented feedback on our assignments & reports, but he also made sure that we were aware of and engaged in other activities for our personal and professional development. He created an atmosphere of innovation in ideas, discipline in work and clarity in brainstorming which not only inculcated a creative medical designer in us but also an innovative thinker. Thanks for your support and I strongly recommend him to others.”

Saaransh Jain, Intern at Stanford India Biodesign

“Dr. Jagdish managed our internship program 2013 at Stanford India Biodesign. He is very efficient in everything he does. His inventive, managing, marketing, mentoring skills are stupendous and being our mentor he has always tried to instill that into us. He is fun and good person to hang out with. It was a real pleasure working with him.”

Himanshu Gupta, Intern at Stanford India Biodesign

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